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Liquid Oxygen Can is a Chinese Nu-Mental music band, formed in 2001. Their style succeeded integrating Chinese drums and other percussion instruments.

The band's current lineup includes Yu Zhang(vocal), Jerry Hu( guitar), Yang Song(bass guitar), Jing Tong Wu(drums) and Wanwan Ma (percussionist).

The band recorded their first album in 2005, right after another album titled "All This is Fickle" came out in 2006. They continued with their other albums "Liquid Oxygen Can" (2007), "Ten Years of Oxygen" and "Unplugged" (2012), and the very latest child "Six Dog and Rock'n'Roll" (2017).

Since 2008 Liquid Oxygen Can has been touring different cities all across China and playing hundreds of musical festivals, such as "Midi", "Strawberry", "Zhangbei", "China Rock'n'Roll Festival" and many other. Besides, Yu Zhang started producing a weekly online TV show, which invites featured special guests from Rock and Roll bands.

The band follows their Rock and Roll dreams and delivers music with their passion and soul no matter how circumstances change and how difficult it is.

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