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Tina Eve was born in Israel.

Since childhood, she likes to sing, quickly memorized new songs and humming them all day, and when the family moved to Netanya, Tina began singing in the new school and doing music. Then my mother realized that for her daughter, the most important thing is music and vocals ...

From the age of 9, she began to engage in voice and technical vocal development.

Began to sing well-known and popular songs in different languages, a repertoire appeared and began to invite to perform at festivals and concerts.

Tina, takes an annual participation and takes prizes in well-known contests and festivals:

2009 - competition "Kohavei mahar" (Stars of tomorrow), Ramle, 1 st place.

2010 - festival "Kohav marom" (Celestial Star), Beer-Sheva, 2 nd place.

Competition "Hilat Shemesh" (Sunny halo), Netanya, 1 st place.

2011 - Festival "Kohav Marom" (Celestial Star), Netanya, Grand Prix.

Contest "Big Star", Netanya, 1st place.

Competition "Kohavei Negev" (Stars of the South), 1 st place.

Competition "Rising Star, Russia-Israel", 1 st place.

2012 - the international festival "Green Oasis".

2013 - the television talent contest "Kohav ha-ba" (Next Star),

The format of this contest was produced in Israel and bought by the leading television channels of many countries, including: America (ABC channel), France (M6 channel),

Great Britain (ITV channel), etc. Participation in such a TV show already gives a good chance for success, and the third place is equivalent to a victory!

After the competition, Tina received an invitation to take part in concerts of the famous Israeli performer Zwicki Peak, his song "Diva", won, in the performance of Dana International International "Eurovision Song Contest" in 1998!

These were concerts in which Tina performed as an invited singer, participant and winner of the competition "Kohav ha-ba" (Next Star).

And the following years became bright and memorable ...

So in 2014 - 10 concerts in the hotel "Club Hotel", Eilat.

"China's International Days in Israel"

In 2015 - the release of 2 singles and the presentation of singles on television:

- TV program "Kol Boker to them Orna Dats" (Every morning with Orna Dats),

- The 10th channel. TV program "Boker Sport" (Morning Sports),

- Channel 5. Youth television program "23 Dakota" (23 minutes),

2 nd channel. Performance in honor of "Independence Day", accompanied by a symphony orchestra, Netanya. Charity event 2016 - People's Charity Concert "Erev Divot" (Evening Div) Tel-Aviv (All funds from the concert are transferred for onco-sick children) Tina, also likes to dance, especially she likes oriental dances, and the most favorite hobby is the sea and surfing - Tina likes to swim and dive, the sea is her element!

Tina herself learned the Russian language by herself, learned to read and write, To communicate and understand the content and meaning of songs ... Tina dreams of performing at «Eurovision».
Tina, very addicted to nature, in life calm and modest, But on stage, it transforms into a volcano of emotions and passions!

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