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Kase and WrethovRap-veteran Kase worked with singer/songwriter/producer Andreas Stone on several tracks when the idea was born of creating that ultimate song.  

Kase had a longtime wish of collaborating with Wrethov on any given project and Stone saw this as the perfect opportunity to unify such creative trio. After meeting with Wrethov and deciding the theme and lay up, it was time to get to work. The goal was to craft something everyone could feel, regardless of age or musical preference, as well as to taylor lyrics and music into perfection by pushing themselves to the limits. As soon as the first demo of "One Life" was aired through the studio speakers, the guys knew that this was to be the one, the magic was evident!

The mash up flowed so naturally, creating a friendship of energy, enthusiasm and pure joy that both Kase & Wrethov decided to continue working together on more songs. 


 Polish-born Kase has been active within the Swedish HipHop scene for over a decade. Working with everyone and everything has always been sort of a motto for the enthusiastic MC. Kase made himself a name by performing at all

the local clubs, big or small, he would attend and give 120% everytime. This drew a lot of attention from local acts and producers, which in-turn opened doors for various collaborations.

Kase gathered a group of rappers and formed the band Young Ridaz who enjoyed a vast success in the underground scene with their singles; "Hoe N' U" &  "So Cold". The latter one had a video made which also made Kase realize his love for being in front of the camera. The singles appeared on various DJ mix-tapes and a few official releases of HipHop albums. The band released two underground albums and toured all around Sweden, Germany and England, before hitting a rough patch and deciding to split up. 

 Kase began work on his own and pushed his music into a new direction. He wanted to make songs that mattered to people rather than just writing cliches of Rap-braggadocio- lifestyles.  

He started to work with long time friend Andreas Stone who also introduced Kase into the world of songwriting, an element previously totally unknown to him. He kept close to the HipHop scene by continuing work on several mix-tapes involving major rap-stars such as 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg among others. In 2007, he appeared on the mastodon track "The Session" which contained appearances from the whole elite of Swedish HipHop artists, Kase started off the song as Nr.1 with impressive swagger. 

 His love for the Rap-scene began to grow thin as he felt himself being more and more involved into songwriting. His skills would soon be appreciated and bare fruit by landing the song "Step By Step" on the Japanese group Kat-Tun's album "Chain" which made the nr.1 spot on the Oricon Chart. The connection with his longterm friend Stone led to the collaboration with Wrethov and the song "One Life", which to date is reffered to by Kase to be ; "The first song that I feel reveals the real me"


 Already as a child Anderz passion for music, performing and songwriting has been the main thing in life. He started up playing the guitar at the age of seven after hearing dad's vinyl with Diana Ross and the Supremes.
Some years later he began to take piano lessons and started to write songs with his older sister Elin. He soon had his first live show at the local music school in Vellinge, South Sweden where Anderz is born and raised.

A couple of years later Anderz started up his first band, playing melodic hard rock and they soon won the attention from the local media with their own composed songs and powerful live shows. 
Later he also started to produce and write pop and dance songs and found a new way of creating music beyond his rock band. At the age of 16 Anderz formed a new band with a more funky pop sound, Mighty Nice and got his first record deal and released one album in Sweden and Japan.

 After graduating from the Malmoe Academy of Music, where Wrethov had studied guitar, piano and song, he got his first break-through as a producer and songwriter. Wrethov began his international career, with several hit songs in Scandinavia, UK and Germany as a result. Later, Wrethov established his name in Japan and South Korea by writing for the biggest J and K-pop stars, generating huge record sales and earning him several gold and platinum awards.

Wrethov has written and produced songs to successful artists like Arash, Medina, Eagle-Eye Cherry, Samantha Fox, Gunther and The Sunshine Girls and Bobby Farrell - Boney M.

 In 2011, Wrethov released his first single and made his debut as a singer. The single "Runaway" was released in Sweden, Poland and Russia. Anderz also wrote the official song for the Swedish football team for the FIFA Women's World Cup in 2011. The song is called "One Love One Goal" and became his second single. 2012 Wrethov released the third single "One Life" together with KASE in Poland, Sweden, Russia, Germany, Spain, France. The song topped the airplay charts in Poland. 2013 Wrethov released the next single "Break Down", also together with Kase. The song was a huge success in Poland and Kase and Wrethov continuing their collaboration with another radio success, "Kings of The World".

 Wrethov is one of the writers behind the Arash song "Always", which was performed in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 for Azerbaijan and which came in third place. As a curiosa - In 1999, he won Sikta mot stjärnorna, the Swedish version of Soundmixshow, performing as Bryan Adams.

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