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NewUs (뉴어스) is a South Korean 4 members boy group under Korean label StarCubic Entertainment. Composed of Huni, Seoin, Pabi and Sihwan, NewUs made their debut at august 2011.

 The title song of their debut Album 'Right Now' is exciting and harmonious with a strong beat.

Because of the good response of this Album, NewUs had a lot of activities in Korea, Japan, and China.

 The second Album of theirs, 'Love Panic', was published in 2012. It were accepted by the public as a competent new Idol group through the title song, Love Panic' made with more sophisticated and trendy beat than the first Album. NewUs with a strong performance and stable live vocal is a representative of the next generation of Kpop.

 Although there are lots of Kpop idol singers, if you see NewUs' s stage in Russia, you can feel a unique attraction of theirs. The third Album will be published this coming september after the performance in Russia.

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