International music festival White Nights of St.Petersburg 


Melbourne Born Nellie Bell is one of the years most hotly tipped singer-songwriters, set to release her first album later this year.

 An inspirational artist, she's spent the past year touring and recording in Europe, gaining support from an ever-growing army of fans.

 From the age of 10 she has been writing and performing her own music. Her music is a true reflection of who she is and her journey through life, for her playing and performing is an emotional release, for her singing is about giving you a glimpse into her soul.

 'Playing the piano is like having an orchestra at my fingertips'- Nellie Bell.

 She has always been passionate when it comes to the piano, she loves being aggressive with the keys and using all her energy to express how she feels

'Nina Simone changed me and inspired me. Miles Davis made me hear music through different ears. Aretha Franklin gave me soul. Ella Fitzgerald gave me jazz. Dancing made me love a good beat! Music is freedom, the freedom of expression. Music to me means art, politics, drama, pain, love and happiness and all that life has to offer.' - Nellie Bell

 With musical genius and influence from some of music's greats, expect big things from her this year!

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