International music festival White Nights of St.Petersburg 


We are MAGICBUS, global rock stars of the future!

MAGICBUS is a style of music, an arrogant rock insignia, and a form of unbridled confidence. Born in the depths of Beijing in 2009, the journey began when a group of ordinary workers passionate about music were drawn inexorably together.

With members hailing from Beijing, London, and Tokyo, Magic Bus is a truly international ensemble, drawing inspiration from the different elements of the respective cities, and creating a spectacle and sound unlike anything that's come before. Since emerging five years ago, Magic Bus have been touring major cities constantly, and have made their own definite mark on the musical map.

Every time they step on stage they unleash a surge of incredible power, sharing without any reservations their truest feelings towards life, and baring their souls to the world. Regardless of politics, regardless of entertainment fads, regardless of the market - the journey has no destination but an infinite amount of purpose. With a sound so powerful it leaves you breathless, intertwined with moments of mesmerising beauty.


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