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Hila lives in Rechovot (20 min from Tel Aviv). She studied in special private music academy. Hila won Grand Prix on several contests around the world, such as: U.S.A, Armenia, and Israel.

 Hila is a vegan, loves nature, animals, children, loves to study new things all the time, love to travel, meet different cultures and see the world. Hila feeds street cats every day and loves to sleep while her home cats sleeping with her.

 Hila dreams on performing with Beyonce and to get a song from Sia specially written for her. The most exciting moment for her was a personal meeting with the Israeli president: Shimon Peres

 Hila less appreciated people who don't take responsibility on their own life and challenges and run away from it instead. She loves warm and sincere people with a big sense of humor and intelligent.

 At school she loved to study psychology and history. In the army service Hila served as a solo main singer of the army's music band and also were the commander in it.

 First time Hila discovered her talent was at her grand mom's house when she was 4 years old. Hila loves and cherish her time with her grand pa and grand moms and keep on spending precious time with each of them.

 Hila's favorite Disney character is The Little Mermaid. Her favorite color is blue. She speaks fluently Hebrew and English

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