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Alvaro Jose Crespo - Eсuador


Since Al was a child, he discovered his love and passion for music and singing.

At the age of six he started with guitar lessons and at the age of eight he joined the German School Choir in which he soon became the male soloist. With the Choir started his experience on Stage and this successful group won various contests and prizes with several presentations on national TV. He also had his first experiences in a recording studio. At the age of 10 he joined his first Band, where he sang and played bass guitar. But soon he decided to dedicate himself fully to singing since he liked being very mobile on stage. He played in many school festivals, where he was always the youngest.

As a rebel teenager he fell pretty much into the Heavy Metal genre. He joined a new band called "Ecléctica" and started covering music of bands like Black Sabbath, Metallica, Dream Theater, Deep Purple and others. With the guys in this formation he recorded his first own demos. But as he started a new project he left the Band. With the new band he became known in the musician circles in Quito. At the age of 17 he won the first place in the biggest school band contest at that time and started playing bigger gigs. As it was important for him to improve his vocal skills he started singing Opera as well. With 19 he joined "Zebra" a band with Ecuadors most known guitar player Hittar Cuesta, but after deciding to go to Germany for his studies in 2007, he left soon left the band.

In Germany he got in touch with a group of professional musicians and joined a project called "Dawns Moment", with which he recorded his first complete album. They played a lot of gigs, most of all in the east part of Germany, and also performed a small tour in Ecuador with a few appearances on TV and radio. Since 2012 Al begins touring with a Party Band through Germany. After almost two years of a lot of traveling with this cover band he joins a new promising project of a Hard Rock Band called "Unbreakable", produced by long time Scorpions drummer and songwriter Herman Rarebell. With this band he has recorded the debut album, which is going to be released July the 27th in the USA. His first professional video is coming out soon as well.

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