International music festival White Nights of St.Petersburg 


WiL's, (aka Why I Live) actual name is William Dix. Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Dix was exposed to music at a very early age through his father, (Washington Dix), who used to perform in shows for various clubs and showcases. Throughout his high school career, William wrote a lot of poetry and acquired the ability to learn how to play all woodwind instruments in his symphonic band. His initial specialty was the saxophone.

Dix is a rare breed singer/songwriter, but his wide-ranging musical interests set him apart from your average artist. He's been a singer for most of his life and brings a dramatic sensibility and startling depth to his vocals with nuances of R&B, pop, and Neo Soul in his performances.

" William Dix grew up in Florida surrounded by artists, writers, lovers of art and music.

"I tend toward melodies with life experience lyrics or vice versa, tunes that look at both sides of the coin. Several songs deal with life and how love affects our ability to embrace life and acknowledge the limitations of existence, but also how beauty can be found in melancholy. The idea of a broken heart is better than having no heart at all."

Dix's unique vocals have a hint of restrained passion that suggests neo soul music, but his phrasing, which dances around before and after the beat, is pure soul. His mid-key approach is jazzy at times, but raw emotion lurks just beneath the surface, adding an alluring tension to his performances


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