International music festival White Nights of St.Petersburg 


Biography Menno Björn Reyntjes (Ryan Melody)

Date of Birth: 02.05.1978 Netherlands

Ryan Melody was born at the 2nd of May as Menno Björn Reyntjes in Middelburg, the Netherlands. Inspired by Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder he started taking piano and singing lessons. Coming from a musical family where his grandfather was a music teacher, his uncle professor at the conservatorium in The Hague and his dad a famous classical singer, Ryan only wanted to become a musician. At the age of 11, Ryan was already writing and composing his own songs in English which he taught himself by studying lyrics from famous artists.

With 14, Ryan started his first band "Sweet lake INC" with kids from school. They played at small town venues and school parties.

At age 17, a turning point of Ryan´s career arrived by winning the "Dutch R&B Awards" and as a reward of that, a record deal at Sony.

He recorded an album which was not released because of internal differences. Then at age 21, he met the rapper/ raga singer Rmando. They made a demo which was directly pict up by Baja Beach Club owner Jo van Gaal. He brought them to Independent Label Noculan Music which formed them into the R&B/Ragga Duo "Flexxx".

They signed a 2 year exclusive artist contract at Coast to Coast records which was a partner of Noculan Music.

The first single "Lauw" just reached the top 100 in the Dutch charts but the second single OiJoi was a bigger success. It was charted 4 weeks in the Dutch top 10.

After 7 Months of touring with their singles all over Holland it became quiet around the duo. They recorded an enormous amount of songs which were never released because of a label crisis. After that the duo decided to go separate ways.

In 2004, Ryan grounded the Soul Funk band Unity street. After 1,5 years of writing and performing they were signed at the Independent Label Pitar from The Hague, but again nothing was released, now by unsolvable problems with the management (which was part of the label).

In 2006, Ryan decided to go to Germany as a musical challenge. He was now experimenting with producing and noticed he had talent by doing it. Ryan did several projects as a producer/singer and songwriting in the following years.


In 2009, Ryan signed at Kingdom Records from Amsterdam. He released 2 singles. "Without a Word" and „I don´t understand". Both singles didn´t made it into official charts but were very popular in China were he sold over 10.000 copies of both singles.

In 2010, Ryan grounded his own production label "The Audiokillerz" together with House producer "Dadoni" from Hamburg. They wrote and composed the Single "Hey Yo" which was released by Radium Records in the summer of 2012. On the track the American/African rapper duo Blaq Swag played their part by filling the 2 verses with rap. The Hook was sung by Ryan himself. The music video was directed by "Dirk Hilger" who is a famous music video director in Germany. Well known for his work with Cascada and RIO.

Now 2013, Ryan is up for his next challenge, The White Nights Festival in st. Petersburg. "It is the biggest musical challenge of my life" Ryan says.

We will see....


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