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Songwriter from Treviso, is into the music  world since she was a child.

She had always studied singing with the best teachers in Italy (Giulia Fasolino school "Cambio Musica" , Danila Satragno who has helped Chiara to find the purity and originality of sound).

She has also studied piano, guitar and harmony.

At the age of 14 she has started composing many songs for her first album, "PROVA A DIRE IL MIO NOME". The spark of the composition is shot after listening for the first time Jeff Buckley. In that moment Chiara has decided she wanted to turn her life in music.

Her first single "Novembre '96" was very well received by the most important radios, as "DEEJAY called Italy" and the video of this song has been on all the most important TV (MTV, All Music, Scalo 76, etc.)!

She has participated to Sanremo Festival in 2009 where he presented " PROVA A DIRE IL MIO NOME", a song written with Giuliano Sangiorgi (Negramaro), which has made she known from the italian public.

After Sanremo and after the disc she has started a great activity in live clubs, and squares throughout Italy, being in contact with the public and developing a good confidence in expressing herself.

She had the opportunity to participate to the important benefit concert "FRIENDS FOR ABRUZZO" on June 21st, 2009 singing for over 60,000 enthusiastic people, having also the opportunity to sing with L'aura, and with all her Italian colleagues in the final song.

On January 18th, 2011, at the benefit concert for the flood victims of Veneto she has had a duet with Niccolò Fabi in "Parole Parole".

In April, she released her second album "IL MIO SANGUE", composed by her in all the music and in all the lyrics.

There are also collaborations closely linked to his musical world as Lele Emanuele Spedicato (Negramaro), Pierluigi Ferrantini (Velvet), and Nicola Manzan.

The first single from "Il mio Sangue" was  "E ti sento", which was immediately chosen as the song that accompanies the competition organized by the Nokia Music Store in collaboration with Peugeot.

Chiara is currently touring to promote his latest work, "IL MIO SANGUE" which is receiving great feedback from critics. Awarded the "Premio inedito" for the song "Scrivi d'oro" and "Lunezia Award 2011" with special mention for the musical and literary value of the entire disc.

On October 15, 2011 Chiara was invited to participate by Mario Biondi during his concert at the Gran Teatro Geox in a very exciting duet that has seen them together perform "Close to You" by Burt Bacharach, getting a huge success.

On April 25, 2012 Chiara was appointed Godmother of the National Singers at the important charity match at the stadium in Vicenza, where he had the pleasure of performing in front of the large audience of fans and a duet, the night before, at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza (first indoor theater in the world, designed by Palladio) with Erica Mou, in a reworked acoustic version of "Il Mondo" by J. Fontana.

Chiara is currently engaged in recording the new album, which is already getting great feedback from the Italian major.



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